New collaboration with Cari Golden

Alone.together: it is possible to be both. Intertwined but not attached. Precarious Records is pleased to present Rodriguez Jr. and Cari Golden's newest collaboration Alone Together. The unique and quirky musical style of Rodriguez Jr. and the understated, sexy vocals of Los Angeles songwriter and Precarious Records label head Cari Golden makes for a breezy, yet lush song that evokes thoughts of sipping seaside cocktails or spending the entire day in bed with a lover. Alone Together unfurls like a flower in bloom with a killer groove and Rodriguez Jr.'s brilliant production replete with his signature synth work and layers upon layers of vocals. The story of Alone Together in his own words:

"This was a track I created on my laptop whilst traveling, utilizing samples that I had integrated into Maschine by Native Instruments. I felt the groove was dope, so I brought it back into my studio in order to add synths and more elements and basically give it more emotion and depth. For this I employed machines which are a part of my sonic palette. I used a Roland Jupiter 6, SH101, as well as a Roland D50 which I had just purchased. The Roland D50 has all of the familiar amazing sounds characteristic of 80's music and this is what gives it the rich & unique flavor it has, sounds such as the ethereal effects that float around in the background. 

Cari and I have been friends for a long time. She was featured on a track on my first album 'Bittersweet' and since then we have continued collaborating whenever possible. She has a great instinctive feel for songs and her vocals are easily recognizable; you always know it's Cari; probably because you find yourself dancing or singing along to it."

We hope you enjoy this summer offering from Precarious Records and don't be surprised when you find yourself humming the hook all summer long.