Just over a month after the release of his debut album “HERMES”, BURAK launches a follow-up album, “MAIA Remixes”, containing the results of collaborations with six electronic music producers of his choice, "These are six artists that I admire from the bottom of my heart", says BURAK. But while BURAK's selection features artists who exerted a deep influence on his own music, it is also an impressive compilation of pioneers, both established and up-and-coming, in different areas of electronic music: Matthew Herbert, Hernan Cattaneo, Rodriguez Jr., Efdemin, Magdalena, N’to.

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Rodriguez Jr about remixing “Maia”:
Producing this remix has been an amazing experience for me.  
Working with real acoustic strings is so interesting in terms of textures and layers. I always enjoyed working with strings because I find it to be a very rich & noble medium which can cover a very wide spectrum of emotions and it blends very well with the electronic universe. 
I’ve been following Burak’s work for a long time and I truly admire his way of fusing together various landscapes. I admire his way of placing contrasting elements in a sort of competition with each other while at the same time threading them together in a very organic way. 

Olivier Mateu